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gauges on diaphragm seals

gauges on diaphragm seals

Calibration Services &
Mounting Pressure Instruments to Diaphragm Seals:

Kodiak Controls offers a variety of Calibration Services:

  • Calibration: NIST Traceable Certificates of Calibration for virtually any pressure instrument and thermometer; both new instruments and instruments up for recertification

  • Repair: Repair of pressure gauges (broken lenses, recalibration, cleaning, etc.)

  • Mounting to Diaphragm Seals: Diaphragm seal and capillary fill for both standard and specialty applications. Even if you didn't purchase the seal or instrument from Kodiak, we will still fill and mount them. Kodiak can mount all types of pressure instruments ranging from gauges and transducers to differential gauges and differential transmitters. Manifold assemblies are available at request as well.

Kodiak services all brands of pressure, temperature, flow, or level instrumentation. Even those manufacturers Kodiak does not represent directly.

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